How to get Instagram user ID by username?

I’m going to show you how you can get an Instagram user ID and other profile information by entering an Instagram username. We will use the AccentAPI service.


This is the URL / API endpoint that you can use for your application. You just need to simply replace the username and private key with your own.


Example response

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username On the example URL above, we are using “oracle” as the username. You can change this to anything you want, depending on your project.

private_key You need to subscribe to our service to get your own private API key.


Subscribe to our service for only $50/month. Pay using this link. Once payment is complete, within 24 hours, we will send the API access with 5,000 requests per month.

Common questions

Question: What if I need more than 5,000 requests per month?
Answer: You will need to order additional requests. If you need 10,000 requests, the cost will be $100. If you need 15,000 requests, the cost will be $150, and so on.

Question: Can you recover my Instagram account?
Answer: No. AccentAPI does not provide a service to recover anyone’s Instagram account.

Question: How can I recover my Instagram account?
Answer: You can use Instagram’s “forgot password?” tool here.

Question: How to find out my own Instagram user ID?
Answer: If you need only one or two requests, you can use a limited tool here to know your own IG user ID.

Question: Can I ask a question in a different language?
Answer: No. Please ask your question in English so we can serve you better.


Before we provide support, please make sure you read the “Common Questions” section above.

If you have other questions related to the AccentAPI service, please chat with us here.

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